Client Relationship Management

Serving Clients with Integrity and Excellence

CSI brings core operational and customer relationship management practices to successfully meet your specific organizational needs.

teamworkFirst, we rapidly perform a detailed analysis to validate requirements and capture business goals. Based on that, a team of experienced personnel with the skills to deliver expected results is selected. Metrics are set up to manage the team and assure progress toward desired results. Customers are engaged through open communication—providing insight into our performance. Feedback and metrics are used to continuously improve service throughout contract performance.

testimonials_icon"Working with Contract Solutions, Inc. has been a wonderful experience. Corliss Udoema and her staff exemplify professionalism, integrity and high standards in dealing with both clients and employees, but what really sets CSI apart is their commitment to community service. I'm proud to be part of a company that believes as much in "doing good" as "doing well."

- Lisa S. Senior Program Analyst

Proven Results

Applying this approach, CSI has consistently improved the efficiency and effectiveness of our customers’ business operations:

1.  Analyze and Confirm Business Needs:

We gather, assess, and prioritize requirements in collaboration with stakeholders, capturing business goals.

3.  Hands-On Management

Our Program Managers are empowered to operate and support contracts so all contract teams have leadership to continuously improve quality of service.

2.  Strategic Workforce Planning

We identify the skills and competencies needed to fulfill both current and future business operational requirements.

4.  Ongoing Analysis and Continuous Improvement

Performance results in the form of evaluations, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Critical Success Factors and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), allow us to make adjustments and improve operations continually.