Contract Closeout Support

A Premier Team of Acquisition Professionals

Business Acquisition TeamContract Solutions has a premier team of acquisition professionals that use their knowledge and experience in the federal acquisition arena to successfully navigate through the pitfalls, the challenges and inherent delays associated with the contract closeout process. We help the government to efficiently close contracts and recover funds. Team CSI supported the Army’s close out initiative and helped close out contracts valued at over 500 million dollars. We also worked with the Navy Mid-Atlantic Region with the award, administration including closeouts that valued 2.8 billion dollars. Our proven track record of excellence has allowed team CSI to also recently support USDA on a short term contract close out effort for contracts valued at 10 million dollars.

Contract Solutions provides a full range of contract-closeout services in support of the Federal government. Our services in this area include coordinating with the contracting agency, contractor’s internal organizations, and with the Defense Contracting Auditing Agency (DCAA) in acquiring all required documentation needed to close each contract. Our professional staff includes members of the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) who have obtained the elite designation of Certified Professional Contract Manager (CPCM) as well as former Federal government acquisition professionals responsible for performing contract closeouts. These highly-trained specialists have current knowledge of the FAR, DFAR and the many changes and initiatives of the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act as they pertain to government- contract closeout procedures.

To assist in the closeout process, Contract Solutions will use an automated tool developed in Microsoft Access to track receipt of all documents (e.g., contractor release, royalty reports, patent reports, government-furnished property reports, and final invoices) in order to prepare the Contract Completion Statement to be presented to the government technical representative or contractor’s designated person for final sign-off. Our staff members are trained on the tool and its use in closing the various types of contracts (e.g., Firm Fixed Price, Cost Reimbursement, Time & Material, etc.) at all dollar thresholds.

A Model of Excellence:

  • We lock into the client’s vision.
  • We offer a turnkey contract close out process.
  • We understand the regulatory requirements that drives the federal contract closeout process.
  • We save the government money by mastering techniques and practices to complete the closeout process.
  • We coordinate the roles of multiple players involved in closing contracts.
  • We improve the closeout process from the perspectives of today’s federal rule makers and procurement professionals.
  • We overcome obstacles and close contracts in a timely manner.


The Basics:

  • Review Contract Files for Inclusion of All Required Documents
  • Verify Proper Disposition of Government-Furnished Property & Equipment
  • Ensure Subcontracts are Settled by Prime
  • Ensure Completion of Contract Audit (if cost-type contract)
  • Review Contract Funds Status to Determine Excess Funds to be De-Obligated