Corliss Udoema, CEO & Founder

Leading with Excellence

Corliss Udoema, CSI's CEO and Founder has over 35 years of contracting, training, and business development experience in the private and government sectors. Her experiences include Legislative and Executive Government Acquisition, Business Development, Planning, Project Management, Logistics, Procurement Assessment, Resource Development, Career Development and Contractor Business Facilitation.

Udoema has extensive senior level experience with the U.S. Marine Corp, Department of the Navy, Department of the Army, various agencies within the Department of Interior, as well as a senior executive of Acquisitions with Phacil, Inc.

Udoema is the recipient of two Congressional awards for her work in the small business development arena. Udoema is accomplished and internationally recognized as a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and project manager. She is an innovative and results-oriented business consultant with international and stateside senior level procurement analyst, contract management and workshop development and facilitation. Major strengths include the ability to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds, skills in problem resolution and the ability to adapt quickly and effectively to change. Demonstrated skills in project management, working with senior military and civilians and adapting to rapidly changing environments.

Corliss Udoema has spearheaded career relationships and corporate partnerships as a subcontractor with several agencies and corporations.  Here are just a few:

Phacil                  sri               aegis