Mailroom Support Services

  Delivering Efficient, Quality Solutions


Contract Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of Mailroom Support for federal government agencies and private sector clients. Our Management Team has over 100 years of expertise in managing and improving onsite mail receipt, processing, distribution and facilities management. Our comprehensive suite of Mail Services allows us to provide the ultimate in support.


Team CSI has quickly developed excellent delivery and performance in the Mail Services sector. Through formal and on the job training and experience, we have mastered the ability to be responsive to our clients and anticipate their needs.

  • CSI embodies proven performance in Mail Service:
  • Relevant expertise and qualifications
  • Balanced staffing and management approach
  • Thoroughly trained, knowledgeable, and stable workforce
  • Corporate controls and reach-back capabilities.

On-Site Mailroom Management

CSI provides on-site, full-service mailroom staffing and operations management, with a comprehensive set of services tailored to meet specific client requirements. From single mailroom staffing and courier services, to the coordination of multiple satellite locations, from basic in-house mail processing to secure off-site mail screening for high-security environments, CSI draws on the expertise of senior-level staff with more than 100 years of mailroom management experience.

CSI’s Mailroom Management Solutions include:

  • Complete mailroom staffing nationwide in one or more locations
  • Automated inbound and outbound mail sorting
  • Accountable mail tracking and management
  • Mail handling equipment maintenance
  • Mailing list management
  • Courier services
  • Real-time screening for suspicious or harmful substances
CSI’s digital mail delivery solutions help clients meet “greening” goals in compliance with Federal environmental initiatives. Physical mail pieces can be archived, delivered to the intended recipient upon request, or recycled. Digital mail solutions are effective, fast and economical particularly when a single mailroom supports several other facilities.