Military Spouse Career Initiative

Assisting Military Spouses Overcome Employment Barriers

CSI helps eliminate employment barriers and match military spouses with rewarding career opportunities.

militaryfamilyMilitary spouses face unique obstacles in today’s job market. Aside from the inability to find jobs matching their education and skills, they’ve often sacrificed their own careers to support the rigid demands of their partner’s service to their country. In addition, many employers believe a myth that the demands of military life negatively impact the work environment of the military spouse employee, thus shying away from hiring them.

Contract Solutions Inc. (CSI) is partnering with military spouses across the land in a Military Spouse Career Initiative (MSCI). Through the project, CSI will collaborate with husbands or wives of active service members, with employers searching for skilled staffing solutions and with fellow professional staffing firms with a goal of matching flexible, adaptable and skilled military spouses with employment opportunities across the United States.

CSI Military Career Spouse Initiative

MCSI Program Elements

Collaborative effort with military spouses, employers and partners to support career success.


As part of the initiative, military spouses will be given the chance to attend networking events, job fairs, luncheons and mentoring sessions that open doors to great career opportunities. CSI and other partners will provide interview preparation support through one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as guide these prospective employees – and prospective employers – to jobs that provide what Udoema calls “the perfect fit” position.
Pursue job opportunities that value their skill, knowledge and abilities.

  • Attend networking events, job fairs, luncheons, and mentoring sessions that open doors to great career opportunities.
  • Receive interview preparation support through one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Search for jobs with employers seeking to hiring military spouse.

For more information, see our short video on YouTube: CSI's Military Spouse Career Initiative

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