Project Management

Providing Mission-Critical Solutions

CSI helps companies drive business transformation by providing industry-leading program management and project management consulting services, methods and tools. Whether you need a little help or a lot of help with your project management, CSI has the expertise to get you up and running again. We partner with our clients to provide mission-critical project management training and project management consulting services. We help you save costs immediately, while making refinements that make businesses work smarter.

There are a number of ways we can provide effective project management consulting for your corporation or government agency:

Project Management

Our experts work across an organization or agency to assess current abilities and identify gaps or barriers to change.  Action Plans are developed to institutionalize change.

Project Review and Recovery

Is your portfolio, program or project off track or needing a new direction?  We can help – we have the experienced Program Managers who can rescue your project and get it back on track.

Business Analysis

CSI helps organizations identify business needs and helps determine solutions to your business problems. We will focus on understanding the needs of your business as a whole, its strategic direction and identify initiatives that will help your business meet their strategic goals

Charge Card Management

CSI has extensive experience in government charge card management, specializing in advanced reporting and performance metrics to ensure optimal program performance.  Our charge card management solutions will help your organization increase program oversight and comply with all regulatory requirements.

Our Notable Projects

in Project Management

Project Management Support to Fleet Card Program

Provided support for the development, standardization and updating of the NPS Fleet Card Program databases and spreadsheets.

Fleet cards are issued in two forms, the first are issued for each vehicle in the fleet; and the second being general use cards to cover operational expenses of the equipment.

Project Management Support Charge Card Service Center

Provided analysis of the usage and record keeping of Convenience Checks and Purchase Cards Transactions to identify potential fraud, misuse and abuse.

Generated tracking reports for green purchases made with Purchase Cards and Convenience Checks.

Project Management Support for Website Design and Development

Designed, developed and implemented a website and its component parts for five Working Groups. Tasks included:

• Develop wireframes, guidelines, graphics and navigation functions; as well as content for the website.

Project Management for Visitor and Resource Protection

Design and develop a strategy for the new VRP Career Academy website with the Training Manager for Visitor and Resource Protection.

• Develop wireframes, guidelines, graphics and navigation functions; as well as content for the website.

Project Management Support Design

Project for the conceptual design alteration of office space designing the space through the use of LEED certified office space design principles. The conceptual design utilized an integrated design process, a comprehensive and dynamic process which encouraged innovative, productive, and creative communication between the designers and the stakeholders.

The design also incorporated sustainable design and construction practices, a balance between preservation practices and the need for space in an organization that will likely have future growth.

Project Management Structural Fire

Project to conduct nation-wide structural fire management program assessments. Each entity was evaluated to ensure that the structural fire program included:

• A comprehensive, interdisciplinary effort to protect resources/people, minimize accidental fires and related fire losses, provide for prompt detection, reporting, and control, extinguishment, and investigation of fires, establish abatement procedures,provide for the safe evacuation of occupants, and reduce injury and loss of life and property.

Project Management Engineering Services

CSI provides project management and engineering services for new and existing construction contracts. This includes serving as the subject matter expert and primary advisor on matters relating to Construction Engineering and Management. Our knowledge of engineering, construction and procurement make us a value added team member for administration of contracts for design, construction, alterations, additions, maintenance, rehabilitation and demolition and facilities services of shore stations. We also provide oversight and administration of Contractor staff, and direct the efforts of all contracted employees in response to specific task orders, work requirements and administrative support needs of the respective divisions given in the construction management and administrative support services.