Acquisition Support Services

Each organization is unique. Our job is to provide strategic solutions tailored to your vision, mission and goals.

Acquisition Planning Support

  • Develop acquisition schedules, project plans, Statements of Objectives and Independent Government Cost Estimates;
  • Conduct market research and draft acquisition alternative documents;
  • Develop Acquisition Strategy Plans, Source Selection Plans, solicitation documents and evaluation criteria.

Source Selection Support

  • Organize due diligence activities and/or meetings;
  • Assist with evaluation of an offeror’s proposal;
  • Develop Technical Evaluation Reports, Cost/Price Evaluation Reports, and Best Value Recommendations.

Contract Administration Support

  • Provide acquisition advice, as required;
  • Request contract modifications or period of performance extensions;
  • Conduct performance-monitoring activities.

Contract and Grant Closeout Support

  • Perform required tasks to closeout contracts and grants in accordance with the FAR, DFAR, CFR and administrative requirements;
  • Prepare final modifications, establish final indirect rates, and obligate and de-obligate funds;
  • Create or customize databases to capture acquisition data and to monitor closeout activity.

Other Acquisition Support

  • Provide data entry staff to populate and maintain acquisition databases;
  • Provide business writers to respond to FOIA requests and inquiries from prospective companies, congressional offices and other interested parties;
  • Support training activities through developing presentations and materials and in confirming and monitoring adherence to federal training requirements for acquisition staff.

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