CSI worked well with USAID and have received many commendations for outstanding performance. I would rate their cooperation as Exceptional in supporting our agency.

USAID, Mail Management Specialist Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative

CSI is a very professional and customer oriented contract team partner. They are very responsive and go out of their way to make sure that our expectations are exceeded.

National Park Service, Senior Program Director

On a scale of 1-5 (5 being excellent), I would definitely rate Contract Solutions as a 5. CSI provided staff that was very knowledgeable, professional and able to engage and be value added. They were provided a positive benefit to our organization.

US Department of Agriculture Senior Management Official

Given what I know today about CSI’s ability to execute what they promised in their proposal, I probably would award to them today given that I had a choice.” Work Project provided onsite non-personnel services (administrative and technical assistance) support.

National Park Service Contracting Officer

When I retired from the Federal Government, I resolved that I was "done". Then came CSI. I was presented with an opportunity to provide a professional solution to an agency’s challenge, using the skills that I had acquired throughout my 32 years of Federal service. I felt compelled to fulfill a renewed commitment to be of service to our Government. CSI has been my conduit.

Yvette W. , Senior Human Resources Specialist

I enjoyed my association with Contract Solutions Inc. Ms. Udoema brings the knowledge and expertise to be able to work smoothly through any contract set up and all the succeeding processing, ensuring prompt payment to me. Ms. Udoema was considerate and thorough in keeping me apprised and contacting me in a timely way to give me important news about the contract. I would be pleased to work with Ms. Udoema and Contract Solutions again.

Emogene B., Program Analyst Consultant

Our relationship with CSI is open and honest; we couldn’t be happier.

Riley C. and Karen C., CSI Fire Management Consultants

CSI continues to set the tone for other companies to follow as a veteran friendly employer and how this opportunity can be achieved. The family atmosphere that CSI fosters includes the characteristics that we veterans consider to be of the utmost importance, ‘Honor, Courage and Commitment with Integrity as their foundation’. Thank you CSI family for the employment opportunity and to be considered as family!

Robert J., Former CSI Inventory Management Specialist

Contract Solutions was the perfect place for me to continue my post military career. The owner, Corliss Udoema, is steeped in the DOD culture, both civilian and military and is extremely knowledgeable about corporate America. Corliss' expertise in these cultures as well as her commitment to mentoring her team members, hiring veterans and resolving customers' challenges will lead to many more successes.

Regina M., Program Analyst

After the contract I was working for ended, CSI took the contract. It was a smooth transition and working for Ms. Corliss is a great experience. She is everything you look for in a leader. I plan on working with her for as long as the
Lord allows me to.

Todd W., CSI Project Manager

Working with Contract Solutions, Inc. has been a wonderful experience. Corliss Udoema and her staff exemplify professionalism, integrity and high standards in dealing with both clients and employees, but what really sets CSI apart is their commitment to community service. I'm proud to be part of a company that believes as much in "doing good" as "doing well".

Lisa S., Senior Program Analyst

I love working for CSI! It is the kind of company that believes people are the most important asset of any organization and it is truly committed to excellence. Leadership has been very supportive of my efforts and is always available to provide advice or a helping hand. I am motivated to utilize my strengths and resources in order to find creative solutions. CSI is a great company that has a very bright future and I am excited to be a part of it!

Fonsetta B., CSI Director of Business Operations

You always know where you stand when you are working with CSI.  The CSI President/CEO is a woman of integrity and it shows in the daily managing of her company and humanitarian efforts.  Anyone who works for CSI is treated with respect and honor. Employees always feel encouraged and appreciated.

Mary G., Procurement Analyst